Solar industry

Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World.

Turchi’s innovative design will help you achieve it.

With the Turchi Post driving machine, an installer can safely and efficiently pile posts of lengths up to 6 meters long (19.8 feet). The Turchi machines are simple to use making you money with their efficiencies and reliability. The performance of the Turchi is unbeatable. Our machines are reliable and the most highly sort after for the solar industry.

Since 1970 the Turchi brand has been developing and supplying the industry leaders with our hydraulic post driving machines.Turchi, the inventor of the hydraulic post driving machinery, designed and constructed the specialised equipment worldwide. We have selected the best components worldwide, with the brands such as Indeco, Yanmar, Danfloss, Bulroc and Turchi.  There is no compromise on the quality of machine you are purchasing, and with such well known components you know there is no issues with after sales service and customer support.

Our reputation is highly renowned and our machines are always in high demand. With almost half a century of knowledge, manufacturing and utilised client feedback, it is no wonder the Turchi brand is the only one the industry leaders will use and trust.


“We purchased our first Turchi Machine four years ago and now we have a fleet of over 20 machines. Turchi’s design that is uniquely tailored to the solar industry, its performance and dependability, and its unrivaled customer service have allowed us to become one of the most well-known and trusted solar installers in North America.”.

WTEC and its affiliated entity AED, FL, USA

“Our solar installations are done safely, quickly and precisely.  A large part of that formula is the use of the state of the art Turchi Post Driver”

DDC - Australia