Agricultural and Vineyard industry

Turchi’s innovative design will help you achieve it.

With the Turchi Post driving machine, an agricultural installer can install a large diversity of post sizes, constructed of almost any material. The Machine can handle many variety of posts with a quick change of the guides or adaptors to handle almost anything you would like driven in to the ground. The equipment makes the jobs quick, safe and efficient. Saving costly labour rates and precious time.

Since 1970 the Turchi brand has been developing and suppling the industry leaders with our hydraulic post driving machines. Turchi, the innovator of the hydraulic post driving machinery, designed and constructed the specialised equipment worldwide. With much consideration over the components to utilise, we have built our machines using world leaders in their fields. With the brands such as Indeco, Yanmar, Danfloss, Bulroc and Turchi, there is no compromise on the quality of machinery you are purchasing, and with such well known components you know there is no issues with after sales service and customer support. Our reputation is renowned. Where others have tried and failed, the Turchi machines and brand has existed for almost half a century.

With almost half a century of design and manufacturing experience as well as utilised feedback from our many long term clients, it is of no surprise that we are the first choice when it comes to investing into a quality product.

“My business runs much more efficiently after purchasing my Turchi Machine. I am easily getting in 3-4 times more posts a day than I did with the conventional post driver”

Chillingham Fencing Contractors - NSW, Australia

“The only regret I have with the purchase of my Turchi was that I had not purchased it 20 years earlier, when I was starting up with my business.”

Stan Dudgeon - Australia